Practitioner Gasser H

Gasser H

Goal Achievement and Relationship Coach 1 - 2 years Experience Egypt

Hi! Im Gasser. I am a certified NLP practitioner as well as a Goal Achievement and Relationship Coach. I am also certified by the Coach Training Alliance in the USA and International Coaching Federation (ICF). Currently I also serve as Regional Director of a Fortune 5 company with over 12 years of experience in the corporate world. I work with clients across many areas - from overcoming fear of change lack of commitment time management issues and lack of self-discipline all the way through to relationship and intimacy issues. I help them by working together to set clear goals and priorities put together a well defined action plan and support them every step of the way in implementation enhancing communication skills and more. I also assist clients with planning their own bucket lists and help them achieve everything on there without having to quit their jobs! Ultimately I want to help you live a fulfilled life by achieving all your goals be it personal or professional.

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English, Arabic

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Areas of Expertise

Love life, Personal Life, Work life

Coaching & Healing

Coaching & Healing

Life Coaching, Love & Relationship Coaching, Career Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Specialist

My Approach

My Approach
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Challenges Gasser H can help with

Relationship advice & Counseling
Improve communication
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Renewing love/spark
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning
Feeling stuck in a rut
Fear of change
lack of commitment
over commitment
time management issues
lack of self discipline
Lack of motivation
Stuck in rut
Workplace conflicts
Career change / Transition
Dealing with redundancy
Executive coaching
Lack of confidence

What Specialist Offers

Regular Session Free Discovery Session Free Discovery Session
Regular Session
$ 75 Per Session
$ 75