Practitioner Grace K

Grace K

Co active coach and Hypnotherapist [11] Experience Lebanon

I am a Leadership Wellness and Relationship Coach Hypnotherapist RIM facilitator EFT Practitioner Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator. With more than 12 years of coaching experience and a holistic approach to coaching. I help professionals leaders entrepreneurs organizations and families achieve wellness improve relationships and create powerful transformations. I focus on helping leaders in their career transitions empowering them to become resilient helping them respond to lifes challenges with a positive mindset and avoid burnout using mindful based stress reduction techniques. My passion is to inspire and empower women leaders in every aspect of their personal and career lives. I work with couples to attain healthy thriving relationships. Help parents engage and connect with their children using emotionally intelligent discipline choices and help people improve their communication skills. I help clients release their emotional blockages limiting beliefs and physical pain through RIM (regenerating imagery from memory)breath work energy healing and hypnotherapy as well as assist in smoking cessation and weight loss.

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English, Arabic

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Areas of Expertise

Body wellness, Child's life, Family life, Love life, Personal Life, Unwanted behaviours & disorders, Work life

Therapy & Counselling

Therapy & Counselling

Hypnotherapy, Relational Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Coaching & Healing

Coaching & Healing

Life Coaching, Love & Relationship Coaching, ThetaHealing®, Reiki energy healing

My Approach

My Approach
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Challenges Grace K can help with

Stubborn weight loss
Stubborn weight gain
Holistic wellness
Coping with grief & loss
Unwanted behaviors & Disorders
Child fear & anxiety
Teen Self-image / Confidence issues
Child/teen coping with life changes
Child/teen relationship issues
Postpartum Depression
Sibling Rivalry
Educational challenges
Parenting advice
Child & teen counselling
Bullying or being bullied
Child/teen addiction & substance abuse
Child sexuality issues
Conscious parenting
Hypno parenting
Parental abuse / Domestic Violence
Postpartum Depression
Parenting advice
Coping with grief & loss
Overcoming codependency
Improve communication
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Relational needs
Single: finding love
Dealing with divorce / break-up
Improve communication
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Coping with grief & loss
Renewing love/spark
Overcoming infidelity
Spousal abuse / Domestic Violence
Overcoming Codependency
Anxiety / Panic attacks
Gender identity issues
Connecting to the feminine
Toxic masculinity & emotional disconnect
Self-love issues
Body Image Issues
Overcoming codependency
Overcoming hopelessness
Coping with grief and loss
Coping with life changes
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning
Feeling stuck in a rut
removing limiting beliefs
phobias weight loss removing limiting beliefs
Trauma healing through RIM (Regenerating Imagery from memory)
Addiction & substance abuse
Eating Disorders
Anger Management
Excessive Worry
Memory and focus
Smoking Cessation
Stress management
Lack of motivation
Stuck in rut
Workplace conflicts
Career change / Transition
Dealing with redundancy
Executive coaching
Lack of confidence
Emotional Intelligence work life balance burnout
Emotional Intelligence work life balance burnout
Starting your coaching practice
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning
Overwork & Burnout
Improve communication skills
Team management
Time Management
Improve performance
Prepare for promotion
Career growth
Goal setting
Emotional intelligence
Work life balance
Leadership Coaching
Money & personal finance coaching
Growth mindset
Emotional Regulation

What Specialist Offers

Regular Session Free Discovery Session Free Discovery Session
Regular Session
$ 65 Per Session
$ 65