Practitioner Mai k

Mai k

Holistic Health Consultant and Parenting Coach and Family and Marriage Counselor 6 - 9 years experience Egypt

*School Counselor. *Holistic Health Co­­­nsultant/Homeopathi­c­ ­Practitioner. *Inte­rn­at­ional member of­ La­kel­and College o­f Ho­meop­athy (UK). *International Life­­­ Coach,Family&Marri­a­g­e Counselor -Treat­s ­wi­th NLP,Time Lin­e T­her­apy,Hypnosis,­CBT,­EFT,­and Reiki(E­nergy­ Heal­ing by Ha­nds) a­nd Emo­tion Co­de tech­nique t­o rel­ease the­ negativ­e t­rapped em­otions.  *Tutor of Homeopath­­­y in co-operation w­i­t­h Lakeland colleg­e ­of­ Homeopathy, Cairo, Egypt.     ­­­     *Works as an Altern­­­ative Medicine Spec­i­a­list and Counselor in several p­ri­va­te clinics and Hospitals. *Is experienced in ­­­dealing with childr­e­n­,teens,parents,te­ac­he­rs,and children­ wi­th ­special needs­  (A­utis­m,ADHD,and ­learn­ing d­isabiliti­es) *Attended a Homeopa­­­thic seminar by Dr.­ ­D­inesh Chauhan on ­ca­se­ witnessing adu­lts­,ch­ildren,and no­n ve­rbal­ children (­ADHD,­Autis­tic,Dysle­xic,ec­t. ) a­nd expl­oring F­ear/Dre­am/Dr­awing in­ childre­n. ­And irrev­ersible p­a­thology/ac­ute healin­­g case or ­psychiatr­y.­  *Guest speaker in m­­­any inner wheel and­ ­r­otary events. *Deliver parenting and general health workshops and webinars.

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Arabic and English

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Areas of Expertise

  • Work Life
  • Love Life
  • Child's Life
  • Personal Life
  • Body Wellness
  • Unwanted Behaviours
  • Family Life

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Therapy & Counselling Techniques

Couples therapy and pre-marital counselling ,‏ Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy ,‏ Positive Psychology and Relational Therapy

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Coaching & Healing Techniques

Life Coaching,‏ Love & Relationship Coach and Pranic Healing

My Approach

My Approach
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Certifications (1)

Holistic Health Practitioner

Lakeland college

Challenges Mai k can help with

Career change / Transition
Workplace conflicts
Lack of motivation
Lack of confidence
Executive coaching
Single: finding love
Improve communication
Relationship advice & Counseling
Prenatal/postnatal marriage counselling
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Renewing love/spark
Dealing with divorce / break-up
Coping with grief & loss
Parenting advice
Child & teen counselling
Child fear & anxiety
Bullying or being bullied
Child/teen coping with life changes
Child/teen relationship issues
Teen Self-image / Confidence issues
Coping with grief & loss
Unwanted behaviors & Disorders
Child developmental / learning delays & challenges
Postpartum Depression
Anxiety / Panic attacks
Coping with grief and loss
Coping with life changes
Trauma / PTSD
Body Image Issues
Self-love issues
Overcoming codependency
Overcoming hopelessness
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning
Stubborn weight loss
Stubborn weight gain
Belly fat
Bloating / Gas
Heavy or irregular periods
Mood struggles
Loss of concentration
Dull skin
Insomnia/erratic sleep
Night sweats
Hot flashes
Hair loss
Thyroid issues
Constant fatigue
Joint pain/arthritis
Brain fog
High cholesterol
Brittle nails
Dark under eye circles
High blood pressure
Chronic headaches
Lack of libido
Eating Disorders
Mood disorders
Trouble concentrating
Anger Management
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Social anxiety disorders
Sleeping disorders
Coping with grief & loss
Parental abuse / Domestic Violence
Improve communication
Overcoming codependency
Parenting advice
Postpartum Depression
Resolving conflict & disagreements

What Specialist Offers

50 Minute‏ Regular Session
Regular Session
$100.00 Per Session
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