Practitioner Basma H

Basma H

Relationship Coach 1 - 2 years experience Jordan

Hi! I’m Basma & I’m a relationship coach. When I got married to the love of my life 16 years ago, I thought life would be rainbows & roses, but real life hit me strong and I realized I was totally wrong! We faced a lot of difficulties & challenges especially at our first 5 years, & to be honest there was a time where I thought our marriage was going to fall apart. Then at my weakest moments I met my first mentor, who led me through my difficult times in my relationship with my husband from darkness to light. And I realized it was so simple & empowering to grow and enjoy my marriage. The difficulties and challenges never disappeared from our lives, but every time it's a new challenge, a new level to get through, but now I have the knowledge & the mindset to breakthrough those challenges. So I decided to help others as well, to overcome their own challenges in marriage & relationships, to earn the next level & enjoy their time doing so. I live to spread love and joy, and look forward to working with you.

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Arabic and English

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Areas of Expertise

  • Love Life
  • Personal Life
  • Unwanted Behaviours

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Therapy & Counselling Techniques

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and Motivational interviewing

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Coaching & Healing Techniques

Life Coaching,‏ Love & Relationship Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming

My Approach

My Approach
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Certifications (7)

RSCI Master Coach

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

Master Life Coach

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

NLP Master Coach

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

Relationship Coach

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

Time Paradigm Techniques Master Practitioner

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

NLP Master Practitioner

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

Master Hypnotist

Robert Simic Coaching Institute

Challenges Basma H can help with

Improve communication
Relationship advice & Counseling
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Renewing love/spark
Coping with grief and loss
Coping with life changes
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning

What Specialist Offers

Hakkini free discovery session Free 20-minute discovery session 50 Minute‏ Regular Session
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$100.00 Per Session
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