About Us

Making Stories Better 

Everyone’s life story is unique.
We all face different challenges.

Our story started when the world was gripped by the Covid pandemic. Like everybody else we were unsettled. We Zoomed. We reflected on our lives. And, like everybody else, over weeks of talk the masks fell away. We admitted our deepest fears, acknowledged our struggles, and discussed what we wanted for our futures.

We agreed that it would be great to have some professional support to help us find the fulfillment we wanted. The thing is we didn’t know where to find those specialists to help us grow.

Who were the right people?
How could we contact them?
How would we know if they were good?
How could we trust them?
How could we keep things private?
How could we fit sessions in around our busy lives?

From that Hakkini was born.
To help each person live their unique story.
Happier ever after.

What We Made 

Hakkini is a confidential, convenient, focused, easy way to connect to expert support for better mental and emotional health. It empowers positive behavioral change and enables meaningful personal growth and development, with transformational insights. So many people struggle with finding help, let alone admitting they want or need it.

In the Middle East there can also be a stigma attached to this. Hakkini aims to change that way of thinking. It communicates and champions the truth that mental and emotional health challenges are part of most people’s days. Anyone choosing to deal with their issues is simply choosing to be happier.

We celebrate the strength to seek change.

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  • Elevate the consciousness of the Middle East by educating, counselling, and coaching people towards a healthier relationship with themselves, their families, and their community.
  • Support mental health and wellbeing specialists who share our passion for driving change in our region, by providing them with the right ecosystem and infrastructure to thrive.
  • Remove the stigma from mental and emotional health.


  • There is no physical health without mental and emotional health.
  • Every individual has a right to mental and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Professional help/support should be accessible, affordable, and convenient.
  • People have the answers to their own problems. Their power to change can be unlocked and guided.
  • We’re all unique in the way we learn and change. Transformation takes many different paths.
  • Personal growth is a ceaseless journey of discovery about how to be.
  • Societal change starts with the individual. People make ripples.

Our team

Abeer Al-Qadi

Founder & CEO

Abeer has an exceptional track record, across two decades, in driving business growth through evidence-based corporate communications, branding, research- based strategic marketing, and concept development initiatives. Her experience spans multiple industries including real estate, hospitality, banking and retail. She has had influential roles in international and regional organizations including Barclays, Burson Marsteller, Al Barari Real Estate, and Ipsos Stat.

Abeer’s true passion is being a voice of change and understanding how to improve the quality of people’s lives. This has led to a 12-year journey of self- discovery and study, gaining multiple certifications, with world-renowned experts in transformational coaching, psychology, and counselling.

MSc Industrial Relations & Personnel Development, London School of Economics
BSc Management, London School of Economics
Food Addictions’ Counselor, European Certification Board
Co-Active Life Coach, Coaches Training Institute

Nabil Al Rantisi


Nabil has over 15 years’ management experience in the capital markets’ business in the MENA region. His expertise includes nurturing and sustaining robust relationships, and leading sales and trading activities of capital markets for institutions and HNWI.

A respected name in the industry, Nabil established and launched the Wealth Management Division at Daman Investments, and previously held pivotal positions at regional heavyweights including MenaCorp and Rasmala. A serial entrepreneur with an appetite for bringing exciting concepts to the region, Nabil co-founded 1762, one of the UAE’s first successful homegrown gourmet deli chains. He also co-founded Pickl, the UAE’s fastest growing burger brand.

General Management Program graduate, Harvard Business School
MBA, Southern New Hampshire University
BSc Finance & Banking, Amman University